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@Laurahollycasey , this town like many others are full of people who do not get the facts right. if they don't know something, they will make it up. The body they found in the toilets is rife with who it is. I have heard at least half a dozen different descriptions. So don't worry too much about what other people are saying about you. Just let them believe what they want to believe.

22 Jul 2018

You need to get your facts correct i was not drunk with child i was attacked with a child and i have a head injury thats why they thought i was drunk i was hit around the head with a drink can. And i wish your town had cctv to prove it its a warning to others that do not feel you are safe in dawlish clearly you are not

22 Jul 2018

i  was attacked shame they dont have cctv and shame that the drug addicts that attacked me are still walking around free only a matter of time untill they do it too someone else. This women is me and i have a head injury from this attack. An attack that was witnessed by my child. And i had concussion and ni i was not drunk

Police confirm a man has died Awful news. Police have confirmed that a man has died at The Lawn public toilets in Dawlish this evening. The man’s next of kin have not been informed, so there will be no further statement from police on this incident tonight.

It is lovely in there they have done a great job there are 9 tables, so not that small. The coffee is wonderful and the food divine, don't judge till you have tried it. Good luck to them nice to .encourage new businesses

Police officers and an ambulance were seen on The Lawn in the town centre at around 6pm and the toilets near the Tourist Information Centre have since been taped off. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/live-updates-police-seal-public-1805513

Darrell Rose, 36, strangled his girlfriend Geraldine Mellor, 32, after she tried to break up with him. Exeter Crown Court was told neighbours heard Miss Mellor shouting "get out, get out" at Rose during an argument in her room. However, the court heard how he had previously tried to strangle a former girlfriend and a nurse at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish. Read more... ...

Flying Scotsman will travel to Taunton early on Thursday, October 4 , and will make its first foray into Devon, leaving Taunton in the afternoon for a run across the famous sea wall at Dawlish to Plymouth. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/whats-on/whats-on-news/flying-scotsman-devon-cornwall-dates-1794160

Damien Jones, head of transportation coordination service, told councillors that Cross Country Trains were looking to eliminate or reduce some services to Plymouth, Penzance and Torbay, and that they want to save the resources to invest back in the Midlands where they have issues with capacity, but this would have a knock-on effect on stations such as Dawlish and Teignmouth as it would change ...

A famous steam train has passed through Devon today - the 60009 Union of South Africa ran along the picturesque Dawlish sea wall line. The event was captured on film in these photographs from the Dawlish Beach Cams on Brunel's world renowned railway and seawall. Read more... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/famous-steam-train-infamous-dawlish-1788374

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