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Berniece Wallace86

When will Dawlish get a new Extra Care Facility to replace the closing Daw Vale?

Nanny taxi
Nanny taxi
10 Jan 2015 20:13

With the Sandpipers and Peppermint Park care homes being withdrawn and housing put in their place, when will Dawlish/Dawlish Warren get a new Facility so that locals can actually stay local when need additional support!


I see that Redrow Homes next to Sainsbury's have got their phasing plan on the Teignbridge website and it shows a 60 bed Extra Care Facility/residential, what is the betting it will be residential or converted into housing once the project is underway!  Also what is TDC doing to ensure Dawlish gets a replacement for the closing Daw Vale?  Below is the planning reference and 4 phases:


12/02281/COND1  Redrow Homes 350 next to Sainsbury’s Dawlish.  In the phasing plan it shows –

Phase 1 Approximately 106 residential units including not less than 30% affordable

Phase 2 Approximately 60 bed Extra Care Facility/residential

Phase 3 Approximately 67 residential units

Phase 4 Approximately 36 residential units


Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
11 Jan 2015 07:48

1.  Why is Daw Vale closing?

2. Who sold the land to Redrow?

11 Jan 2015 08:26

1. Devon County Council cuts

2.Kaz - over to you again I think. I have a sketchy knowledge of who owned what land/when etc over at Shutterton but feel sure others know much more about that than I.    

Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
11 Jan 2015 15:05

Thanks Lynne. 


So the answer to Kaz's question is "never". If there's no money to keep Daw Vale open, then it goes without saying that there's no money to build a replacement and keep that open.  

11 Jan 2015 15:38

Except that..........Daw Vale was publicly owned ie by Devon County Council. 

Privately owned and run retirement/nursing homes now that's another matter entirely ( they cost more of course as there needs to be a profit in it for whoever runs it).

Whether or not it gets built would, I imagine, depend entirely on whether or not there is enough perceived private sector demand.  

11 Jan 2015 17:02

They don't necessarily have to make a profit for the owners. Red Devon Housing Ltd, which runs Brook House, is a not-for-profit organisation and any surplus made goes back into the business for the benefit of residents.


11 Jan 2015 17:46

Thanks Huw. So perhaps RDH or a similar organisation might be interested? 

Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
11 Jan 2015 18:27

Whilst I'm vehemently against the privatisation of social services such as care homes, it certainly does sound that an organisation such as Red Devon Housing are a morally decent compromise. 

1 Agree
11 Jan 2015 21:50

...and run by volunteers so no huge salaries to executives. The way ahead perhaps?


17 Jan 2015 11:03

If you take a look at the document referred to on the Gatehouse Development thread and scroll down to page 8, take a look at 2.5.2 - where mention is made of provision of an extra care unit for the elderly and infirm being part of this development.  

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