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@Morty/Mrs C Yes, of course you know all about me being an occasional poster(LOL) like you are and you have been around so long.  OK, you win, I wont bother again. Also, Mrs C, pot calling the kettle black comes to mind as you always turn on and bully people who disagree with you. ...
yesterday at 13:58
I have just driven to Teignmouth and noticed the pedestrian crossing lights at the bottom of Teignmouth Hill have been removed.

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I'm sure it will be a great concert. Will Dawlish benefit from it?
This affects exposed East-facing coastal locations including Hallsands, Beesands, Torcross, Slapton, Blackpool Sands, Brixham, Broadsands, Goodrington, Paignton, Hollicombe, Torquay, Oddicombe, Teignmouth Promenade and Dawlish. The severe weather this morning has also meant that CrossCountry ...
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