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Just read my council  bill for 2018, nearly choked on my cuppa,£188 per year from every household in Devon and Cornwall for the police and Crime commissioner, !!!! Police numbers down crime up and we are paying  this clown that amount of money,......another unwanted and useless office fostered on ...
Lycra, middle to old age from my experience of these white van driver's on their day off.

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Quite right Shytalk. And the video that accompanies the article shows that there’s actually still loads more sand on there than their used to be pre-scheme. Looks like the new groynes have done a good job and stood up to the ferocious conditions.
In the event of joining a shortish queue, leaving an appreciable gap might indeed make sense.  In a long queue, it would surely double or treble (maybe more?) the LENGTH of the tailback - perhaps through the town, or in the 'Morrison's' location, back to Newton Abbot?  OK, I've exagerated!
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