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@leatash ...you are missing the point. stop barking on about charges/penalties. if someone does not have a genuine reason for missing their appointment, and i agree a phone call to cancel isn't that difficult to do, then if they repeat this on a number of occassions then take them off the barton ...
found this on Eyes of Dawlish so…….. We've all been busy little bees over the past few weeks, plotting, planning and organising! We all decided that Dawlish needed a massive boost, a lot of cheering up and something to look forward too! its with these thoughts in mind that I have the great ...

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Adolf Hitler's telephone, used to bark evil orders that led to the deaths of countless millions, has been sold by an elderly Dawlish resident for nearly £200,000. The blood red Siemens phone was handed to retired fountain specialist Maj. Ranulf Rayner's father, Ralph, when he was the first ...
Simeon Francis spotted the driver had left the key fob in the £18,750 Renault Captur and that all he needed to do to take it was to get in and press the start button. He took the car from the drive of a pensioner in Exeter Road, Dawlish, and stole a set of numberplates from a camper van to try ...
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