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That is what he is saying, others are saying something different. Until we are out, we will never know who was right.
TheC.  B. I. to want to keep us in the EU and are willing to to let the uk tax payers subsidise the trade they do by the UK tax payer to the tune of 49 Billion pounds. These companies should name themeselves so we can remember the stance taken over democracy. Start working for a living ...

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b.o.liking and wondering I hope you have deep pockets, why? You seriously need to see the pre railway maps of Dawlish, Dawlish Warren and Starcross, the majority of developed areas were marshland.  There were even flat bottomed boats that brought goods up to the bridge at Secmaton Lane for Secmaton ...
A 62-year-old man has been jailed for five and a half years for running a drug supply operation in Exeter and Dawlish. The judge sentencing him at Exeter Crown Court said he had been shown leeway and understanding by people willing to help him in the past due to his mental health and living ...
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