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So this is the Lib Dem pitch it seems Parliament - vote for us, We were only 1% behind 5 years ago. Voting for anyone else is a waste of time and let's the Tories in Local - vote for us, ignore the person who was only 1% behind 4 years ago.  Vote for us who were 17% behind last time. ...
As they say, it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.  I've distilled it down to one issue.   Politically and economically I don't believe that slashing public spending is the answer.  Reducing yes but not to the level of seizing up the economy (and I've shifted from right ...

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Anything happen? No. I know the EA have to put their umbrella up and warn people that something 'might' happen. The problem is that insurance companies are grabbing this and charging exorbitant rates for flood insurance in areas that, up to now, have never flooded. The way of ...
POLICE are appealing for the public’s help to find a man who has gone missing from Dawlish. Gary Knight, aged 52, has not been seen since leaving the Haldon Terrace area of Dawlish at around 11.30am yesterday (Sunday 12th April). Police are currently conducting a search in the town. He is ...
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