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Well done .. will be there..
Old Fart, if you're suggesting that I'm in any way envious of Melvyn, think again. I'm merely trying to work out why he's so bitter?  Though maybe on reflection I'm doing him an injustice and it's the paper that's turned it into an anti-BBC rant. So, what next?  Calls for the return of Love ...

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Brian Powell persuaded his 19-year old son Callum to tell him the security codes and draw a plan of the arcade in Dawlish Warren so he could reach the money. He was caught by detectives who realised his son must be the inside man because only three people knew the codes and the other two still ...
AS you will see in the HE2 supplement, the Victoria St. Paignton Fruit and Vegetable store, which has long existed under the Stokes brand, is being re-launched under the name Devonfresh. This represents the first phase of the relaunch of five Stokes shops in Devon (Exeter, Teignmouth, Dawlish, ...
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