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19th Century History
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Latest Discussion

I've asked Alex Salmond if he'll include it in the Scottish referendum and I've told Dave I'll vote for him if he promises to include it in the European referendum (of course that's not true). I acknowledge this pavilion is more popular that I'd hoped but I still think the Lawn should be a ...
Only walked through Mules park - had no idea about the other bits of this lovely open area until I got home and looked it up. Next time I am in T'mouth I shall take a look at the other bits. Have already printed off the map given on that link above and it has been put by the front door so that it is ...

Latest News

A massive Congratulations!  from one who wouldn't know where to start in Octopush. So glad that the Town Council gave a grant to help you travel, earlier in the year.  Obviously put to great effect. Marvellous.
Not critising the local fire brigade but have noticed recently that they never seem to manage to save much from these sort of fires. For instance this obviousely started as a small fire in a scrap car, and should have been fairly easy to contain. Do we have issues here with staffing levels, ...
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