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Tavistock is planned to link with Bere Regis and Plymouth so why not bring back Okehampton too. Easy then by rail to Tavistock and to North Corneall. Two different choices to Plymouth has to be sense. As you say higher the wall would solve it ..if it was, then all would moan because you cant see the sea now ..there's no pleasing Dawlish you know!

yesterday at 11:36

@Judith Chalmers . If the alternative route is so expensive, and i dont doubt that it is, then why are Plymouth MP`S keep carrying on about it. They had a meeting last week and they turned up as well as Ann Marie Morris and Cross Country representive representing TOC`S  they are also inviting the secretary of state for transport down to the area. If they just raise the seawall a bit more ...

yesterday at 08:27

Caught the 17.22 back to Dawlish from Exeter Central yesterday. Rush hour going home time right? Two carriages on. Reminded me of the London underground at rush hour. Thought to myself why only two carriages? Then thought, rather cynically, because two carriages cost less than three or four but can still carry the same amount of people albeit many of them having to stand. And most people would ...

Judith Chalmers
Judith Chalmers
yesterday at 08:18

However the Network Rail report states that an alternative route would not only be ridiculously expensive and present all sorts of logistical nightmares due to, ironically, floodplains, but would also increase the journey times to Plymouth and beyond anyway! Note before you try to shoot me down, it's their report, not mine. Wondering you are so right about the ridiculous lack of rolling ...

2 days ago

I think South West Trains should take the line, I have lost count of the times FGW staff have  not collected fares, like when 50 plus standing...two carriages at 5pm this Tuesday. the revenue collected is nothing like what it should be..that has to be part the reason why they think at HQ more carriages are not needed.. There could always be Dawlish Parkway!

2 days ago

@Wondering . Yes I agree. But it should be additional, not alternative. In other words if the coastal route has engineering works or rough weather, then use the additional route. By the way, when Dawlish,etc.etc.was not getting any trains, Plymouth was getting FULL train service, with some delays.

Every party has promised drastic reductions in the benefits handout, but as soon as they get voted in they forget all about it until the next general election. I believe that the benefit system is a great idea, if it were run ethically and with competence, but there is little chance of that. For every genuine claim there are many more from those who should never be given the time of day. ...

It is reasonable for anyone in Plymouth and beyond to want a reliable rail service of some sort, why cant the Dawlish line remain and have an alternative in place if it all happens again..which if sea levels are getting higher surely it will, not rocket science is it...

Just because you're claiming some income related benefits doesn't mean you're not working or haven't worked.  Whether they're an elderly person on a reduced income or a care worker not earning a great deal.  Not everyone is a benefits scrounger but hey let's all jump on the bandwagon and vilify people not earning enough to keep themselves warm.  */Waits for abuse/*

The Western Morning News Is campaigning for a Alternative route avoiding Dawlish. I think that the WMN Is printed In Plymouth.

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