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Julias Sachin

I think I may have spotted a business opportunity in Shepshed. As the Natwest building is still closed, I am thinking of opening a MOAN-IN CENTRE in the vacant premises. Where Dawlish folk can pop-in for a good moan or even a good RANT. Booking would be required for serious moaners @ £5/hour and group moaning sessions would be £20/hour.  Booking and payment in advance. Tea or coffee provided FREE. ...

Margaret Swift, the traffic that early on a Saturday is negligible. 20 to 25 coaches are hardly going to make much of a difference. I wonder if the people of Okehampton moaned as much as you lot when this fantastic event was held there this year???

yesterday at 18:33

They're being bussed in from their regions, so traffic issues will be minimal.

yesterday at 13:28

How many participants do you lot think are going to be taking part in this prestigious one day event?

Now the landed gentry are involved, I’m sure that it’ll get refused.

Lloyds Chemists.
2 days ago

Who waits 12 days before collecting their prescription? No wonder the NHS is on its knees, what with all these time wasters costing us £millions. It WAS ready “UPWITHIT”, but your son didn’t bother to collect it in a timely manner so it was disposed of.

The objection to this proposal that’s on there at the moment is hilarious! Thanks for sharing Lynne.

Dawlish population
6 days ago

It was interesting to read in this weeks Gazette that nearly 1500 Dawlish residents are aged 75 or over. That’s more than 10% of the towns population.

@Margaret Swift , erm, “dear”. You missed the point about not being personal towards other forum members. Hopefully you will be reminded by the Webmaster of the terms and conditions of his website.

Over the whole of Teignbridge, only 5% of the land is built on, lower than the UK figure of 5.9%.   Food for thought for those that think that we’re living in a concrete jungle, or that our country is full. This is from the BBC land use map published today.

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