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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88

Hopefully the residents aren’t rueing the day they moved there. I'm here all week...

I know you’re being facetious, but just to clarify for those in any doubt, they are referring to plastic-lined takeaway cups. This is a great initiative that I hope is well supported.

Is there a facepalm emoji available?


1½ weeks ago

Terrorists of every race, colour and creed do.

1½ weeks ago

So, you don’t know. Fair enough. I’ll ask Karen next time I see her. Do you happen to know when Poundland opens?

1½ weeks ago

Neither Dawlish or Teignmouth have gone downhill in the time since Woolworths closed!  They've both changed of course, and some of you oldies will obviously say that they’ve changed for the worse because you’re so against change full stop, but they’ve not gone downhill. Perhaps “evolved” or “adapted to the 21st century” is a better way to describe it. When was Gerald’s sold and to whom???

2 weeks ago

This time? You mean, “again”. Seems like you’re suggesting that those innocent people attending their place of worship deserved to be killed by the lunatic. You do realise when you post such rubbish in public that people know who you really are?

2 weeks ago

Thankfully, another terrorist has just been jailed for murder and attempted murder. Hopefully Darren Osborne will be left to rot for a long time.

2 weeks ago

How about the 1605 Gunpowder Plot?  Is that far enough back for you? I wonder if your ancestors were one of “these people” who had migrated to Britain by 1605?

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