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The idea is that people stay in the town centre longer and hopefully spend more money rather rush off somewhere to get a WiFi connection.  I'm sure this will work in bigger town centres but Dawlish has less to offer unless you want charity shops or cafes!

2 weeks ago

The problem with free parking is there would never be any spaces i pay for a permit for parking in the Barton Car Park if on road parking was free i would be permanantly parked outside my place of residence and so would most folk who live in the Town centre. The only advantage i can see to free wifi is that i may not have to pay a broadband supplier each month but would be able to use the free ...

2 weeks ago

How can Wi-fi boost the economy?  Is it so you can log in and compare prices and order from Amazon ..rather than buy in the shop! Free car parking to get people to shop in towns would make more sense!

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
2 weeks ago

Final approval on a plan to boost the economy in Teignbridge, which includes free public Wi-Fi in town centres, establishing a ‘business incubator’ for regenerating town centres, turned into yet another debate on Brexit and whether it is a 'disruptive force'. The plans include free public Wi-Fi in town centres. Phase 1 would see Teignbridge intend to deliver the installation of a public Wi-Fi ...

A new ‘critical’ Link Road in Dawlish that will help speed up the delivery of nearly 1,000 new homes will be fully funded by the Government. The new road, which will link from the A379 roundabout opposite the Sainsbury’s to Secmaton Lane, along with a new bridge and high quality pedestrian and cycleway, has been called by the council a critical strategic road project that will help unlock ...

People have put themselves at risk by walking on to tracks to get photos of the world’s most famous steam locomotive The Flying Scotsman is going to be travelling at speed along one of the most famous train lines in the country this week - the Dawlish sea wall which was nearly washed away forever in the storms of February 2014. Read more... ...

A man spotted swinging a young tot just inches from the edge of a perilous 100ft sheer cliff drop has been slammed as "crazily dangerous". At one point the boy appears to recoil in terror and struggles to release himself from the man's grasp. Read more... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-slammed-swinging-child-around-13341400

Four bus loads of pensioners have become 'stranded' in Teignmouth, and their drivers and tour guides are blaming a 'council cock up.' Brian Bostock, 77, from Cannock, said: "We're all here from Wolverhampton – all pensioners that have been stuck an hour and a quarter. “We’re on a tour of the South, going to Dawlish and we’re missing the tour now. Read more... ...


More Tory cuts destroying the lives of those in need. This is NOT a good thing and the way they have treated the staff is despicable! I feel so sorry for those with children that have special needs that are being screwed by this Goverbent :(

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