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Diane Mondeo
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Julias Sachin

Leatash, they have and it does.

2 weeks ago

“...unsafe for totally unsuitable Cross Country trains only...”

You obviously never travel on trains during peak time! Mind you, with your police pension you could probably afford to travel First Class to Teignmouth and back...

31 Oct 2017

He wasn’t a member of the editorial board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSpMujhSQHE&sns=em

31 Oct 2017

I read the whole article “Burneside”, and it’s a fabrication to say that he was heavily involved in that publication. What isnt a fabrication is that is that he was heavily involved in the NI peace process.

30 Oct 2017

The main problem with the Torygraph article quoted by “Burneside” is that it’s a lie. JC was not “heavily involved with London’s Labour Briefing”, and therefore the rest of the text copied from that article is fake news.

30 Oct 2017

Yet again, the right wingers trot out the boring old line/lie about JC supporting the IRA. It’s simply not true - and that’s a fact not an opinion

The precedent was set locally when Richard Weekes was granted permission to build a house in the middle of his supposedly precious farmland. This Leo Michaels chap however seems to be a nasty piece of work. I’m not sure though that planning decisions can be based on a persons character.

I’m touchy about your feeble trolling/stalking. You need to get over it burneside. Thanks for your contribution though.

10 Oct 2017

Says Diana Mond. Who rattled your cage burneside? Or are you just trolling?

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