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1 hour 13 mins ago

You’re talking about a credit card fee for parking in London, I’m talking about a 10p “convenience fee” in Exeter. A fee I readily agree to because of the, erm, convenience that paying for parking this way brings me. I’m too busy in the real world to bother taking ECC to task for something so trivial.

5 hours ago

Would you like to expand on your abusive message? Which part of my post is what you call “rubbish”?

8 hours ago

So the original question on this thread should be, “Have you ever been forced to use the Ringo service due to pay machines not being capable of accepting the new pound coin, and therefore unnecessarily had the pay the 20p “convenience fee”?  In any other circumstance, the customer chooses to pay the convenience fee. ”PayByPhone” in Exeter charges a 10p convenience fee, which includes the ...

yesterday at 22:31

Yet again majorp, you’re talking in riddles All you have to do is, in your own words, explain how we’re being overcharged.

yesterday at 21:37

Oh dear. As I thought, no-one who uses ‘Ringo’ etc is being overcharged. Apart from in the paranoid heads of those who are too thick to understand the T&Cs that they willingly agreed to.  In which case, they really aren’t safe to be on the roads...

yesterday at 20:06

Thanks for the info Leatash, but that’s not an overcharge because I’m made well aware of the costs, including the minor charges for any optional additional texts, as they’re all clearly identified when one signs up.  It can’t be that, so what does majorp mean by “overcharge”? If I’ve been overcharged then, as he requests, I’ll readily ‘Agree’ with his post

yesterday at 18:56

Before I offer my assistance to majorp, could he please advise us of where he believes the overcharge lies. Then I’ll be able to tell him whether or not I may have been overcharged. I’ve used ‘Ringo’ only a couple of times, but regularly use the ‘PayByPhone’ iPhone app in Exeter.

This mess is the work of the Tory party, not those who would rather we remain in the EU. Anyway, weren’t people of a certain ilk whinging about being in the EU for the 40 years since we joined?? A Labour government, under the leadership of the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn, would not reverse the decision of those that voted in the referendum.

2 days ago

Retweeted rufus jones (@rufusjones1): It is notoriously difficult to sum up Brexit in a single metaphor, but I must say I do respond to the image of David Davis at the funfair, putting his last 50p into a Crane Grab Machine full of turds.

Margaret Swift. You’ve not watched the video, yet you decide to troll yet again. Give it a rest please, you’re being very tedious. People should be allowed to comment without you being so snidey.