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A masked robber has been found guilty of taking part in an ammonia attack on a shopkeeper who was almost blinded as his takings were snatched. Ward sprayed undiluted ammonia into his face while Rowntree grabbed a bag which contained the takings from the Costcutter shop during the attack on The Strand in Dawlish on January 20 this year. Full article here

A HOLIDAYMAKER has been jailed for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a Jacuzzi at a Dawlish Warren holiday park. Former local government officer Paul Ridgway was detained by police at the Welcome Holiday Park after the young victim told her mother ’the man made me put my hand on his winkie’. Read full story here

Developers have appealed against the refusal of plans for three new luxury homes that were turned down after councillors raised serious concerns about the possibility of the Dawlish railway line being cut off again for months. Full article http://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/appeal-submitted-after-dawlish-homes-518489

RAMBLERS, dog walkers and lovers of the great outdoors are expected to welcome in Dawlish’s new countryside park this weekend. An extra 65 acres of wandering space will be opened up for them when the edge-of-town facility finally opens its gates on Sunday. Read Article Here

The life of former Newton Abbot Racecourse employee, Lauren Scott, was celebrated at the course on Tuesday with a memorial race day in her honour. Read more ...

A new generation of ‘Dawlish proof’ trains is set to be rolled out along the route with the promise they will be able to withstand the worst the south west can throw at them. Tthe new Class 802 Intercity Express Trains, which will run from London Paddington to Exeter, Plymouth and Penzance from next year, have been designed with a raised platform on which the resistors sit, allowing water to ...

COASTAL regions are on flood alert amid warnings a massive sea surge triggered by Hurricane Nicole is about to smash into Britain. Resulting waves, which are much bigger and more powerful than those generated by seasonal winds, have previously devastated coastal regions with tonnes of water being thrown over sea defences. Read more ...

@Dil , the second link also may not work because the dawlish neighbourhood police facebook page is private and you have to be a member to be able see it.

The Dawlish Air Show announce that the Royal Navy Raiders will be making their Dawlish Air Show début this year. The Raiders are the official parachute display team of the Royal Navy, and display at high-profile events across the UK. http://dawlishairshow.co.uk/newindex/royal-navy-raiders-jump-into-dawlish-air-show/

@FredBassett , the threads were removed due to the comments made, not because the accident was horrific.

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