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The info came from a TV program reference Brexit and the NHS one of the interesting facts was 82% of insulin comes from the EU and the vast proportion from one factory in Germany the other interesting fact was that the PM is insulin dependant. But it was mentioned that the EU are also dependant on life saving drugs that are only manufactured in the UK so they have as much to lose as we have.

today at 08:09

Fact we export 20% more medicines to the EU than we import and have you noticed that supermarkets are now selling more produce from  Argentina, South Africa, they will suffer just the same as us Lynne.

yesterday at 21:14

All i can say is roll on 11pm 29th March 2019 i have a big box of fireworks ready and waiting.

Maybe a tasteful bandstand would revitalise the town like the Strand alterations the Cycle Path and the new golf at Tucks Plot i could imagine thousands flocking to see such a wonderful thing.

3 days ago

Why are those who voted out racist may it be that you are confusing racism with immigration the two have no connection whatsoever.

3 days ago

What we had in 1973 is not what we have now i wonder if we could have foreseen the future if we would have ever joined.

Well thats the way of the world some have it some dont it's always been that way and always will be.

I think it's very complicated the Warren spit protects the Exe estuary and the population that lives along it including March Barton building islands at sea may alter the way sand moves and ends up at The Warren. The problem is as a general rule of thumb joe blogs knows little or nothing about how these things work i include myself in that analogy and because of the complex nature of the way the ...

1½ weeks ago

The same problem with that old line a lot of it is now in private hands there was a interesting program about it a few nights ago and the general feeling was it would be nearly impossible to reinstate it. The bridges are no longer fit for trains and miles of the old track bed is now a cycle path with some stretches in private hands and one section now has houses on it the solution in my mind would ...

1½ weeks ago

The cost of building a new single track line on the flat is in excess of 8.1 million per km and a inland route certainly wouldnt be flat  i would imagine a up and down line would be required then there would be land to acquire i would imagine that could take 20+ years by then we may all be up to our knees in sea water.