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Berniece Wallace86
Dawlish News
Dawlish News
14 Nov 2016 15:11
Devon County Council is currently working on a bid for Coastal Communities Funding for the Dawlish to Teignmouth section of the Teign Estuary trail, which will be submitted to Government next month
16 Nov 2016 12:23

When is somebody going to stop these idiots wasting taxpayers money on these ludicrus schemes. If Dawlish traders report no increase in trade or visitor numbers solely due to the cycle path as these are the reasons given for wasting this money, not to mention the inconvienience,  then can we have our roads re-instated and repaired to a state making them fit for purpose.

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16 Nov 2016 14:08

@ FB

Yes, it makes you laugh.

They (Lycra Loonies) call for these cycle paths but when do you see any one using them?

They still stay on the road.

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16 Nov 2016 14:58

We have lost a perfectly good path round Tucks Plot and Street Lighting above 2/4 garage but a number of LED lights have been put along the Cycle Path in Lanherne so we now have a dark patch in a 30 zone and a well lit cycle path mad or what???

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28 Nov 2016 16:01

After reading the above link, I had to laugh where it states 'funding options for two VITAL cycle links in Teignbridge are being explored'

To state that this pet project is vital is laughable in a sad way.

All I have seen so far, from what has been put in place already for the cycle path through Dawlish. Is the pedestrian walkways and the road coming into Dawlish have been down graded in their use for vehicles and pedestrians. For the sake of a few cyclists who may use this cycle path a few times a year.

Pedestrians safety has been put at risk and traffic flow/safety has been seriously affected coming into Dawlish from the Warren.

To push this project through on the presumption that the cyclists coming through Dawlish will  significantly increase revenue to Dawlish retailers holds as much truth as a chocolate teacup holding a hot liquid.



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