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Berniece Wallace86
Diana Mond


02 May 2017 10:19

Lawyers are everywhere and in everything.

I see that they are taking over a milion pound a week from the tax payer.

How is that happening?

If you are disabled you have to go to court to prove your disability.

Doctors are better than lawyers, doctors save lives whereas lawyers can destroy many, but official letter from your doctor proving your disability counts for nothing.

What a disgraceful situation and who is letting this happen?

Those that are in power now.

So come May the 4th and June ?, Think before you make your mark.

Having said that, I see blue badge holders all the time who do not appear to have any disability at all, so how did they get hold a of a blue badge?

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02 May 2017 13:20

Well Viaduct i have just watched a top of the range 4X4 BMW park in Brunswick Place male and female take two bikes from the roof and cycle of and whats on the dash a blue badge.

02 May 2017 13:59

leatash- the problem as I see it is how did they obtain a blue badge, what is wrong with them? Their disability does not appear from what you say, to affect their physical but it may affect something that is not quite so apparent.

Cohne's disease allows people to have transport provided under some benefit, so I take it that those people will also be entitled to a blue badge.

Should those people have to go before a judge and prove their disability? I don't know the answer to that, but by doing so is costing the tax payer over a million a week because the medical profession is not to be believed.

So I suppose it needs to be established once and for all, what is classed as a disability and should the tax payer be paying to support every disability under the sun?

If so, I think I will qualify because my qualityof life is not what it used to be, after having two major operations in my life so far.

But I would feel a little embarrassed if I obtained benefits for an outward appearance that did not appear to affect me, if that makes sense.



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02 May 2017 18:15

Not all disabilities are visible. Lung disease, heart disease, diverticulitis to name but a few. Don't be so quick to judge.

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02 May 2017 19:55

Who's judging?

02 May 2017 21:34

Well you wouldn't be riding a bike with any of the above or would you?

03 May 2017 07:03


Only one of them needs to be qualified for a blue badge, and what if that person is Deaf or Blind in One eye?


03 May 2017 08:41

Hmm that sounds a bit tenuous.  I know a couple of deaf people, neither of whom have a blue badge.  Getting a badge seems to be quite difficult, my father struggled and he couldn't walk far unaided.  We only wanted the badge so we could park near to wherever we were taking him and set up the wheelchair easily. I don't know whether it's the same now but the badge was for the person, not the car, ie the person doesn't necessarily have a car. We used to share it between us whenever we took him out. This of course could lead to misuse and we know this happens.

03 May 2017 10:01

Well i get a 51% disabled war pension serious injury to legs and because i can walk more than 100 yards i am not entitled and i cant ride a bike.

03 May 2017 11:05

1. People who automatically qualify for a badge:

A person is automatically eligible for a badge if they are over two years old and meet at least one of the following criteria:

a receives the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance;

b receives a Personal Independence Payment for being unable to walk further than 50 metres (a score of 8 points or more under the ‘moving around’ activity of the mobility component);

c is registered blind (severely sight impaired);

d receives a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement;

or e has received a lump sum benefit within tariff levels 1-8 of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme and has been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking.


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