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Berniece Wallace86
12 Oct 2017 18:49

Just been watching BBC Spotlight South West where they aired a feature about Teignmouth's Arts Quarter.

So what I want to know is this:

Why has Teignmouth got an Arts quarter but Dawlish hasn't?  laugh

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12 Oct 2017 19:19

My late wife was an artist, and she eventually abandoned the Dawlish arts groups/societies etc for the Teignmouth Art Society because it was a much more thriving and active group.  There's also three or four galleries etc , overall a much more arts-friendly town than we are.

However it's interesting to note that, when the Carlton revamp was proposed, there was a lot of opposition to it in the town, "why spend so much money on this arty-f***y rubbish when there's people in need" etc.  How much support, Lynne, do you think an "Arts Quarter" would get here ?

12 Oct 2017 19:25

I was being'funny'.

Ever since I have lived here (11 years now) I have been aware of the, what I can only describe as, Dawlish's chip on its collective shoulder, when it comes to Teignmouth.      

12 Oct 2017 20:27

Love the Pavillions, they have some really great things on.  Can highly recommend the stained glass workshop if anyone is interested.  Jan Raven was really good the other night.

It's a shame really we had a huge opportunity with Red Rock to have things on there that were attractive to adults as well as young people but the covenant seemed to put an end to that.  The cookery classes were really good there.

There's some great artistic talent in Dawlish, perhaps people find it easier to get involved in Teignmouth, there's such a negative attitude in Dawlish.

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Diana Mond
Diana Mond
12 Oct 2017 22:23

Well said Flo. 

13 Oct 2017 08:49

Te Dah!!!!

(okay, so it isn't being held in Dawlish town centre but it is within Dawlish parish)

Cockwood Connections - Art Exhibition and Tall Tales. Sat 14th-Sun15th October

13 Oct 2017 08:58

Sorry  Lynne, your 'funny' was too subtle for me.  Forget I spoke.

Diana Mondeo
Diana Mondeo
13 Oct 2017 09:10

Whoops, seem to have put this on the wrong bad........Came across this :-


Wouldn't this have resolved the issue of the play park on The Lawn. An indoor play area for up to 9 year olds, secure and safe.


I'm sure if it had got the funding and the new owners had taken note of tripadviser comments the play facility would have been a winner for the town. Maybe not the playpark everyone was expecting, but the current metamorphosis of the plans for the new play park have somewhat shrunk from the original that were publicised.

13 Oct 2017 09:16

I thought it was still open. When did it close?

Ah! Just remembered - I think it is now called the Funky Frog or something similar.

Click here for more info


(Does T'mouth have anything along the same lines? laugh )

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