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Sophie Victoria88

Why is it that folk no longer have meaningfull conversations on this forum anymore every post gets skewed into a slanging match and goes miles of track

10 Aug 2015

You could also argue that if every motorist parked legaly. never broke the speed limit, payed there insurance, had legal number plates, always indicated when changing direction, didnt use there mobile, i could go on there would be no need for enforcement and i don't ride a bike.

10 Aug 2015

Cornwal County Council are rolling out average speed cameras across the County why? because they work.

10 Aug 2015

If anyone is against speeding it's me, i have attended a number of fatal accidents and it's not only the cost to the tax payer but the destruction they cause to families.  If we want to stop speeding look no further than the A38 Plymouth to St Austel every village has average speed cameras always working no one speeds, and those who believe they can pay in fines and points, the revenue generated ...

9 Aug 2015

It's far from excellent news just vouluntees who have no powers to stop fine or advise speeding motorists all that will happen is a letter will be recieved by the motorist who has been speeding to advise him not to in future.  This is another case of Policing on the cheap and will have little inpact on speeding motorists fines and points stop folk speeding not a letter advising you have been a ...

I tried to warn a family who where doing something similar i tried to explain that a wave 2 metres highx2metres wide and the same depth weighed 2 tons and it was like stading a child in front of a car doing 30miles per hour there reply "Dont be f*****g stupid it's only water".

When the Police had there own Traffic Wardens they dealt with cyclists on a regular basis they of course have been replaced by PCSOs who had traffic powers but have recently had them removed. So that leaves Police Officers to deal with all traffic related problems and they drive past cars parked on the ZIG ZAGS A379 Brunswick Place junction on a daily basis so dealing with cyclists not one chance ...

9 Jul 2015

I am not a cyclist but i wonder why cyclist's refuse to use the cycle path on Exeter Road they use the road, the FOOTpath on the other side but not the designated cycle path is it not time that the law is changed making it compulsary for cyclists to use cycle paths when available. Apart from the cycle path argument is it not time that cyclists became aware that the roadf traffic act applies to ...

A pin comes to mind pop and hand it back.

The problem is realy simple farmers sell land for solar farms and housing because there's money in it unlike farming, folk bang on about fields being used for food production but would you keep a dairy herd at the moment.  There is just not enough profit in food production and it's our fault becauase we demand cheaper and cheaper food would you be prepared to spend another £1.00 for 6 pint's of ...

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